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Higher Education Drives

Regional Competiveness


Education is constantly evolving to meet the pressures of changing student demands and striving to provide world-class learning environments.

Investing in education within regional areas ensures that regional communities continue to thrive, build economic prosperity and compete within an ever growing environment. Engaging the next generation in learning protects the future of our regional cities and ensures an informed and engaged community.

RMG is committed to providing regional communities with innovative, high quality, cost-effective and sustainable services. In an environment where funding is tightly controlled, we focus on outcomes that are flexible and future-ready, ensuring costs are certain and contained and risk is managed. Projects are comprehensively planned to ensure interruptions to ongoing academic operations is limited. 

Our academic clients turn to us for the guidance and expertise to produce enduring educational spaces that balance learning opportunity, economic responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement – Stakeholder mapping, community and stakeholder management, Facilitation, Communication planning and execution
Integrated Planning – Option analysis, infrastructure assessments, strategic planning, statutory planning and policy advice;
Project Management - Best practice management (PMBok and Prince 2) to provide integrated solutions that balance the constraints of stakeholder requirements, cost, time, scope and quality.
Economic Planning and Management - Cost planning, feasibility studies, Whole-of-life costing, business case development and risk based estimating;
Risk Management – Risk identification, quantitative risk assessment, qualitative risk assessment, risk mitigation planning, Probabilistic risk modelling (Monte Carlo) and risk monitoring.