Engaging Stakeholders for Project Success

Often stakeholders become disenfranchised or against a project due to the project team not understanding the priorities of the stakeholder. It is vital to understand the values and issues that stakeholders have, in order to address them and keep everyone involved throughout the project.

Successful Cities - Innovating, Collaborating, Enabling

A state of Successful Cities, a vision for our regional and rural centres, a vision for Australia.

Technology is driving a profound shift. It is reshaping existing industries and developing new industries, while simultaneously impacting on how these industries exist within communities. This requires us to think about the workforce and infrastructure that will support this new dimension.

Securing our Water, Securing our Future

​Existing urban water management practices have been successful in delivering the water, sewerage and drainage services that Australian urban communities have demanded. However, the combined impacts of climate change, urban population growth and increasing urban densification are placing significant pressures on Australian hydrological systems and water service delivery mechanisms. 

Higher Education Drives Regional Competiveness

The thing that is required to ensure the success of our region is the very same thing required to ensure the success of Australia. It is a time of great macro change at the moment, or more positively, a time of great macro opportunity.