Halletts Way Extension, Moorabool City Council

As one of Victoria's most popular tree change destinations, Moorabool Council has grown significantly in the past couple of years. Construction of road works and bridge works have commenced, in order to ensure smart land use planning and transportation systems keep up with the demand of road users.

Phee Broadway Theatre

The Phee Broadway Theatre is a heritage building that is an integral part of the Castlemaine arts culture. This facility is shared by production companies, local schools, community groups and the Victorian State Festival and delivers a range of theatre productions for the Castlemaine community. 

Bendigo Airport

Effective water management is vitally important to the City of Greater Bendigo, our community and the broader Bendigo Region. Bendigo is located on an ephemeral creek, with its water supply being provided by a 100km channel network. Water security is a key pillar for the economic prosperity of Bendigo. 

Ulumbarra Theatre

Ulumbarra – meaning gather together or meeting place in the language of the Dja Dja Wurrung people is representative of the multi-disciplinary nature of the performing arts and learning complex, which has resulted in the gathering of a variety of spaces on the site.