As the population in regional areas continues to increase, how can communities accommodate this growth?

It is vital for Australia to have strong regional communities that attract investment and make the most of it.  With the understanding of an increasing global market place, there is a need for better collaboration within our regions to compete in a world economy.

RMG works with local governments, communities, infrastructure providers, developers and investors to enable visions to be realised.

Our integrated approach and social responsibility have earned us the trust of our partners. We work collaboratively with our clients,  facilitating clear understanding of vision, analysis of opportunity drivers, preparation of clear pathways to realise vision.  These services balance the economic, social and government objectives.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement – Stakeholder mapping, community and stakeholder management, Facilitation, Communication planning and execution
Integrated Planning – Option analysis, infrastructure assessments, strategic planning, statutory planning and community planning
Project Management - Best practice management (PMBok and Prince 2) to provide integrated solutions that balance the constraints of stakeholder requirements, cost, time, scope and quality
Economic Planning and Management - Cost planning, feasibility studies, Whole-of-life costing, business case development and risk based estimating
Risk Management – Risk identification, quantitative risk assessment, qualitative risk assessment, risk mitigation planning, Probabilistic risk modelling (Monte Carlo) and risk monitoring

Successful Cities - Innovating, Collaborating, Enabling